Best Red Snapper Recipe

Snappers that live in seawater have different types, such as red snapper, white snapper, and black snapper. Red snapper fish is a good source of protein for health. The most important is fresh sea fish which is taken directly in the wild. The fish has omega3 content which is very good for growth and brain intelligence. Therefore, having fish that is good from the fresh red snapper supplier is a very important food for all of us. The protein content and nutrients contained in fresh fish are quickly damaged or lost before being eaten.

How to Choose Red Snapper

Whenever you are craving for red snapper, you can always find this fish in the supermarket or fish market.  Here are some tips for choosing fresh and healthy fish so you can get the benefits of red snapper.

  1. Pay attention to the fisheye conditions

Fresh fish eyes are almost the same in every type of fish including red snapper. However, if you buy them from the fresh red snapper supplier, the characteristics of fresh fish eyes are clear, convex and prominent. If you get a fish whose eyes are dim, glazed, gray, and eyes covered with mucus, it would be nice to cancel to buy it, because it will damage our body’s health. Choose red snapper that is still fresh and healthy.

  1. Look at the condition of the fish gills first

The way to choose your fresh red snapper gills is just to distinguish the bright colors only from the original colors. Fresh gills have a deep red, bright or bright color, and do not smell foreign. Meanwhile, the characteristics of red snapper that are not fresh are the gills are dark or pale. In addition, they are dirty, slimy, slightly grayish, and smell bad.

  1. Pay attention to the mucus in the fish

The characteristics of red snapper are transparent, brilliant, and homogeneous. If it is not homogeneous or it doesn’t have yellow-brass and milky white color, it can be said that the fish is classified as fish that is not fresh and rotten.

  1. Pay attention to the conditions on fish skin

Fresh and healthy red snapper skin should be bright and not faded. Meanwhile, the rotten fish doesn’t look fresh and faded.

  1. Observe the fresh fish scales

If the fish scales are very thin and have a shiny color, it is a fish that is still fresh and good to be consumed. But if the scales have a lot of mucus and smell bad means that the red snapper is not good to eat.

That’s why we recommend you to buy red snapper only from fresh red snapper supplier. This supplier will provide a fresh red snapper that you can cook for a special dinner with your family. Speaking of dinner, if you want to use red snapper as the main ingredient for today’s dinner, you will need the best red snapper recipe. You are in the right place. We will give you the best red snapper recipe in easy and simple steps. We will try to cook fried red snapper.

How to Make Fried Red Snapper

To cook this dish, you just need 15 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of the cooking process. So, the total amount to make this dish is around 35 minutes. This recipe can be used to make 4 portions of fried red snapper.

The ingredients needed to make fried red snapper are easy to find and the prices are cheap. The ingredients are 2 fresh red snappers, 200 ml of water, 500 grams of cooking oil, 1 mashed turmeric, 2 mashed garlic, 1/8 tsp of pepper powder, 3/5 tsp of salt, and 1/2 tsp of MSG


  1. First things first, you need to clean the red snapper by removing the scales and removing the contents of the stomach. Then wash them thoroughly.
  2. After that, prepare the water in a container. Then add the mashed ingredients and add salt, pepper as well as MSG. You need to stir it evenly.
  3. After that, put the fishes from fresh red snapper supplier into the spice mixture, then leave it for about 5 minutes so that the spices will absorb well
  4. Then heat the cooking oil and fry the snapper until it is dry. Cook them until the color become yellowish brown.
  5. Fried red snapper is ready to be served.