How to Choose and Cook Frozen Cod Fillets

Codfish is a very good source of protein and contains omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for heart health. Researchers have proven that these two nutrients are very effective to help reduce cholesterol levels in the body. So, you need to eat this fish regularly. If you eat frozen cod fillets, it is ok because the nutrition is still there. But unfortunately, there are still some common mistakes that most people make when cooking fish which make it lose its nutrition.

One of them is not using the right cooking method. Keep in mind, various essential nutrients found in codfish can disappear without remaining when it is a cook in very hot temperatures. Especially if the food you eat is not whole fish, but slices of fish or fillets. To handle this problem, we summarize some tips for choosing and cooking fish fillets that you can practice at home.

Tips to Choose Frozen Cod Fillets

Choosing the right frozen cod fillets is really important if you want to gain the benefits from codfish. Below are some tips to choose frozen codfish or fillets.

  1. The shape of the meat

Pay attention to the shape of the meat and the temperature in the meat. When it comes to choosing frozen fish try the ones that are completely frozen and packed properly. In addition, the meat is still firmly attached to the fish bones.

  1. The condition of meat

Although you buy frozen cod fillets, but you need to choose the fish meat that is still dense and shiny. The characteristics of frozen or fillets fish which is still good are that they do not have parts that look dry due to the damage of cooling. The characteristic of good fillet fish is still in the form of solid fillet pieces. The meat feels springy if pressed or touched.

  1. The cooking process

If the frozen cod fillets that have been thawed, it must be processed as soon as possible. Because the frozen cod fillets that have been thawed and then returned to freeze will have reduced quality. Can also change the taste of fish. Don’t cook the fish is it has a brownish or yellowish color or it smells bad.

How to Process Frozen Cod Fillets

Frozen cod fillets have many benefits. However, those benefits will be gone if you don’t cook the meat properly. Follow this instruction below to cook frozen cod fillets.

  1. The cooking method

The best way to cook fish so that the omega-3 fatty acids contained in it are not much lost, is by steaming, boiling, or tasting. Avoid placing fish with high temperatures such as frying them dry in hot oil or baking them with the temperature of the heat inside the oven.

  1. Use lime juice and salt

To avoid the fishy smell in fish, coat the surface with salt and lime juice or tamarind water. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash thoroughly. The fillet is ready to be processed as needed.

  1. The time

Fish does not take long to cook. The cooking process that is too long will only make the sweetness of the fish disappear and become less delicious.