Best Red Snapper Recipe

Snappers that live in seawater have different types, such as red snapper, white snapper, and black snapper. Red snapper fish is a good source of protein for health. The most important is fresh sea fish which is taken directly in the wild. The fish has omega3 content which is very good for growth and brain intelligence. Therefore, having fish that is good from the fresh red snapper supplier is a very important food for all of us. The protein content and nutrients contained in fresh fish are quickly damaged or lost before being eaten.

How to Choose Red Snapper

Whenever you are craving for red snapper, you can always find this fish in the supermarket or fish market.  Here are some tips for choosing fresh and healthy fish so you can get the benefits of red snapper.

  1. Pay attention to the fisheye conditions

Fresh fish eyes are almost the same in every type of fish including red snapper. However, if you buy them from the fresh red snapper supplier, the characteristics of fresh fish eyes are clear, convex and prominent. If you get a fish whose eyes are dim, glazed, gray, and eyes covered with mucus, it would be nice to cancel to buy it, because it will damage our body’s health. Choose red snapper that is still fresh and healthy.

  1. Look at the condition of the fish gills first

The way to choose your fresh red snapper gills is just to distinguish the bright colors only from the original colors. Fresh gills have a deep red, bright or bright color, and do not smell foreign. Meanwhile, the characteristics of red snapper that are not fresh are the gills are dark or pale. In addition, they are dirty, slimy, slightly grayish, and smell bad.

  1. Pay attention to the mucus in the fish

The characteristics of red snapper are transparent, brilliant, and homogeneous. If it is not homogeneous or it doesn’t have yellow-brass and milky white color, it can be said that the fish is classified as fish that is not fresh and rotten.

  1. Pay attention to the conditions on fish skin

Fresh and healthy red snapper skin should be bright and not faded. Meanwhile, the rotten fish doesn’t look fresh and faded.

  1. Observe the fresh fish scales

If the fish scales are very thin and have a shiny color, it is a fish that is still fresh and good to be consumed. But if the scales have a lot of mucus and smell bad means that the red snapper is not good to eat.

That’s why we recommend you to buy red snapper only from fresh red snapper supplier. This supplier will provide a fresh red snapper that you can cook for a special dinner with your family. Speaking of dinner, if you want to use red snapper as the main ingredient for today’s dinner, you will need the best red snapper recipe. You are in the right place. We will give you the best red snapper recipe in easy and simple steps. We will try to cook fried red snapper.

How to Make Fried Red Snapper

To cook this dish, you just need 15 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of the cooking process. So, the total amount to make this dish is around 35 minutes. This recipe can be used to make 4 portions of fried red snapper.

The ingredients needed to make fried red snapper are easy to find and the prices are cheap. The ingredients are 2 fresh red snappers, 200 ml of water, 500 grams of cooking oil, 1 mashed turmeric, 2 mashed garlic, 1/8 tsp of pepper powder, 3/5 tsp of salt, and 1/2 tsp of MSG


  1. First things first, you need to clean the red snapper by removing the scales and removing the contents of the stomach. Then wash them thoroughly.
  2. After that, prepare the water in a container. Then add the mashed ingredients and add salt, pepper as well as MSG. You need to stir it evenly.
  3. After that, put the fishes from fresh red snapper supplier into the spice mixture, then leave it for about 5 minutes so that the spices will absorb well
  4. Then heat the cooking oil and fry the snapper until it is dry. Cook them until the color become yellowish brown.
  5. Fried red snapper is ready to be served.
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How to Choose and Cook Frozen Cod Fillets

Codfish is a very good source of protein and contains omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for heart health. Researchers have proven that these two nutrients are very effective to help reduce cholesterol levels in the body. So, you need to eat this fish regularly. If you eat frozen cod fillets, it is ok because the nutrition is still there. But unfortunately, there are still some common mistakes that most people make when cooking fish which make it lose its nutrition.

One of them is not using the right cooking method. Keep in mind, various essential nutrients found in codfish can disappear without remaining when it is a cook in very hot temperatures. Especially if the food you eat is not whole fish, but slices of fish or fillets. To handle this problem, we summarize some tips for choosing and cooking fish fillets that you can practice at home.

Tips to Choose Frozen Cod Fillets

Choosing the right frozen cod fillets is really important if you want to gain the benefits from codfish. Below are some tips to choose frozen codfish or fillets.

  1. The shape of the meat

Pay attention to the shape of the meat and the temperature in the meat. When it comes to choosing frozen fish try the ones that are completely frozen and packed properly. In addition, the meat is still firmly attached to the fish bones.

  1. The condition of meat

Although you buy frozen cod fillets, but you need to choose the fish meat that is still dense and shiny. The characteristics of frozen or fillets fish which is still good are that they do not have parts that look dry due to the damage of cooling. The characteristic of good fillet fish is still in the form of solid fillet pieces. The meat feels springy if pressed or touched.

  1. The cooking process

If the frozen cod fillets that have been thawed, it must be processed as soon as possible. Because the frozen cod fillets that have been thawed and then returned to freeze will have reduced quality. Can also change the taste of fish. Don’t cook the fish is it has a brownish or yellowish color or it smells bad.

How to Process Frozen Cod Fillets

Frozen cod fillets have many benefits. However, those benefits will be gone if you don’t cook the meat properly. Follow this instruction below to cook frozen cod fillets.

  1. The cooking method

The best way to cook fish so that the omega-3 fatty acids contained in it are not much lost, is by steaming, boiling, or tasting. Avoid placing fish with high temperatures such as frying them dry in hot oil or baking them with the temperature of the heat inside the oven.

  1. Use lime juice and salt

To avoid the fishy smell in fish, coat the surface with salt and lime juice or tamarind water. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash thoroughly. The fillet is ready to be processed as needed.

  1. The time

Fish does not take long to cook. The cooking process that is too long will only make the sweetness of the fish disappear and become less delicious.

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Get to Know More about Frozen Lobster

When you want to buy seafood in a supermarket, you will find it fresh or frozen. When you don’t plan to cook seafood directly, buying seafood in frozen conditions can be an option. One of the best-frozen seafood is lobster. This seafood is very delicious and you can make it as a special dinner with your family or loved ones. There are some benefits that you can get by consuming lobster. What are those?

Eight Benefits of Lobster for Your Body

Lobster is one of the healthiest seafood. This ingredient contains many good things which very good for your body. Consuming lobster once a week will get you these benefits below:

  1. Help lose weight

The calorie and cholesterol content in lobster is lower when compared to chicken or beef. With a high protein content that can help the formation of energy, it is beneficial for stabilizing blood sugar and helps to lose weight.

  1. Preventing heart disease

The content of omega-3 fatty acids in lobster is very high. Omega-3 fatty acids can prevent heart disease and are able to maintain heart health. If you are at high risk for heart disease, it is recommended to replace other animal nutrients with lobster.

  1. Fulfill your complete nutritional needs

Lobster has complete nutritional properties such as vitamin B12, potassium, zinc, selenium, sodium, phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, and more nutrition. These proteins make it a nutritious food source. There is nothing wrong if you occasionally serve lobster as a family dish to meet your nutritional needs as a family. It will improve your family’s health actually.

  1. Protein source

Lobster is a very good source of protein. This serves to help you lose weight. Lobster protein content is higher than chicken and beef, while calorie content is lower than chicken and beef.

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids

It has been proven that people who suffer from heart problems can use lobster to maintain a healthy heart, because of the omega-3 content in it.

  1. A good diet menu

Since lobster is a seafood that is very low in fat, low in calories, and low in cholesterol, you can eat lobster as your diet menu. This seafood still provides the necessary nutrients.

  1. Lobster meat contains, vitamins, zinc, potassium, vitamin B12 and selenium

All that is very important for health. The zinc content in the lobster can increase vitality. The libido becomes stronger and durable and increases stamina.

  1. Fulfill vitamin intake

Eating lobster meat is the same as consuming multivitamin tablets or health supplements. So, you can fulfill the vitamin intake daily by eating lobster.

How to Choose Frozen Lobster

Since you already know the benefits of frozen lobster, now you need to know how to choose the right frozen lobster. There are some things that must be considered when buying seafood in a frozen state, including frozen lobster. The things that you should be considered of are:

  1. The packaging

Since you want to buy frozen lobster, the packaging must be in a good package.  When buying seafood in a frozen state, pay attention to the food packaging. Choose the one in an airtight condition, but with decent humidity. Don’t buy frozen seafood with torn packages because the lobster may already damage.

  1. Choose the one in the middle

When you go to the frozen food counter, you need to select the frozen lobster in the middle of the container. If you choose the lowest part, the possibility of frozen lobster already damage will be higher.  However, if you choose the top package, there is a possibility that the product is an old product.

  1. Cooling package

Avoid the risk of seafood melting during your way back home. Therefore, you can ask for a cooling package to the store owner so it can protect the product.

  1. The condition of the meat

Look carefully, do not to choose frozen lobster that has been damaged or has broken parts of its body. For example, lobsters whose legs have broken. Choose the one that is still in good shape

  1. Color

Choose the natural color according to the type of lobster. Many frozen lobster is dyed so that the color becomes more attractive.

To cook frozen lobster, you can add 2 tsp of salt or lemon juice in boiling water so you can get rid of the fishy smell. Let’s have a plate of delicious lobster!

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Eat Frozen Mackerel to Have a Healthy Body


Mackerel is a name for some species of oily cold water fish. This type of fish generally lives far in the high seas, although some species can also be found in the bay waters not far from the beach. Mackerel has received widespread attention thanks to the content of omega-3 fatty acids. The AHA (American Heart Association) recommends us to eat fish which is rich in omega-3 at least twice a week to maintain heart health.

Four Benefits of Frozen Mackerel

You can eat frozen mackerel since the fresh one is more expensive. The nutrition is still the same as the fresh mackerel. Here are some of the nutritional content and benefits of frozen mackerel for health.

  1. Relieve hypertension

The study, published in the journal Atherosclerosis in 1985 and 1986, found that mackerel fish can benefit various indicators of heart health. In the study showed that people who suffer from mild hypertension experience a decrease in blood pressure after regularly consuming mackerel fish for eight months.

  1. Lowers bad cholesterol

One indication of our heart health can be seen from the cholesterol content in the blood. The good news is that mackerel fish can be beneficial for those with high cholesterol. Research in 1985 showed that there was a positive relationship between consumption of mackerel fish and a decrease in bad cholesterol. In the study, it revealed that the participants who consumed mackerel fish routinely experienced a decrease in triglycerides by 28 percent. As for bad cholesterol level dropped by 14 percent. In contrast, good cholesterol level increased by 12 percent.

  1. Good for bones

One of the nutrients needed to support bone strength is vitamin D. People rarely experience vitamin D deficiency because these vitamins can easily be obtained from sunlight, especially in the morning. However, people who have minimal activity outside the home can experience a vitamin D deficit if they are not equipped with food sources. Mackerel provides vitamin D which can be an alternative source for those in need.

  1. Nutrition for the brain.

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are not only for heart health but also can improve brain intelligence. A pregnant woman is highly recommended to consume fish rich in omega-3 as well as mackerel. Fresh mackerel contains about 2.2 grams of omega-3 fatty acids in 3 ounces.

Tips to Choose Frozen Mackerel

Buying fish in a fresh state is the right choice. But there are several types of fish that cannot be obtained fresh and are only available frozen like frozen mackerel. If you want to buy the frozen one, see the tips below

  1. See the label

Before buying frozen mackerel, pay attention to the label attached to the fish packaging. This label usually contains a code or description of where the fish is obtained. Are they caught in a legal or illegal way?

  1. See the origin of the fish area

Pay attention to where the fish comes from. Usually, there is information on the sticker attached to the packaging. The description of the water area is very important because you have to know where the fish comes from. Never buy fish from polluted sea waters. America is a country whose government is strict about the safety of food in circulation.

  1. Pay attention to the process of freezing fish

Frozen mackerel is processed in two ways, which are frozen directly on the ship when they are newly captured or frozen after arriving on land. There is a code that can be identified that is the FAS code which means it is frozen directly on the ship and IQF which means fish are frozen on land. The quality of frozen fish will be reduced if the fish is repeatedly frozen and then thawed and then frozen again.

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Best Lobster Recipe

Lobster may still not be common among the lower middle class because of its high price. Moreover, not all markets sell lobsters including traditional markets. When it comes to cooking lobster, you must cook it in the right way. Lobster is aquatic animals belonging to the type of shrimp. People believe that lobster can cure various diseases.  So it is not surprising that the price of lobster today soars when we compare it to the prices of other types of seafood.

What are the Benefits of Lobster?

Since people believe that eating lobster regularly will make them healthier, the following are the benefits of lobster for our health.

  1. Helps Lose Weight

Lobster meat has a lower calorie and cholesterol content compared to chicken or beef. With a high protein content in lobster meat can help the formation of energy, it certainly has benefits for stabilizing blood sugar, and can help to lose weight.

  1. Preventing Heart Disease

Lobster meat contains very high omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids and omega-3 can prevent heart disease and can maintain heart health. If you are at high risk for this disease, it is recommended that you can replace other animal nutrients with lobster meat.

How to Clean Lobster

Whenever you want to cook lobster, you need to know how to clean it. If you don’t clean it properly, it can damage your health since there are dirt, bacteria, and other things in the lobster skin. The steps to clean lobster are similar to clean squid. First, place the lobster in a container filled with water and ice cubes. Then, take a soft bristled brush to scrub the dirt on the lobster skin. Clean it properly, it can be seen from the original bright color. Although it is not edible, the lobster skin becomes the meat barrier that you will consume. This will certainly affect the taste.

Then, take a cloth to remove any residual water in the lobster’s body. Place the lobster on the cutting board with the lower part facing up to avoid the attack of the live lobster. Keep in mind, the limit of lobster resistance after being turned off and then cooked should be no more than five minutes. Then take the knife and insert the end into the joint between the head and body. This is intended to cut the main nerve and indirectly the lobster will die by itself. After that, rotate it clockwise but do not choose the opposite direction so that the lobster meat remains intact, even the lobster tail will not open.

Then cut off the tail so that you can open the whole piece of lobster meat, cut the lobster’s legs and arms with your knife. For the remaining pieces that have not been cut, use a pair of scissors so you get the whole piece of meat. If you can’t, you can immediately ask the waiter where you bought the lobster, but immediately take it home and process it.

Best Fried Lobster Recipe

Now it is the right time to cook fried lobster. There are some ingredients that you will need such as one lobster, 4 chopped garlic cloves, ½ chopped onion, 10 pieces of sliced chili, ½ tsp of fine pepper, 1 tsp  of salt, 1 of tsp of butter,  and 1 tsp of rice flour


  1. Wash the lobster, split the back, and clean it.
  2. Fried lobster with lots of oil and medium heat, until it cooked. Drain it and spread with butter.
  3. Fry garlic, onions, and chili until they are cooked.
  4. Sprinkle with rice flour and mix well. Cook until the onion becomes crispy, then pour over the lobster.
  5. Sprinkle some fine salt and pepper on top. Serve it.
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Benefits of Black Snapper for Your Health

Black snapper is one type of snapper fishes. This fish is still related to the White Snapper and also the Red Snapper. Black Snapper has the characteristics of Snapper in general, it’s just that the body has black color. Black Snapper also has nutrients that are very good for the human body. This fish contains protein and calories. Here we have summarized some benefits of Black Snapper for health:

What are the Benefits of Black Snapper?

Since this fish is one of favorite fish dish that loved by many people, it is no doubt that black snapper has many benefits. They are the factor which makes people love to eat black snapper. Those benefits are:

  1. Have high nutrition content

Black snapper is a type of fish that has high nutrient content which is very good for consumption. Nutrients in black snapper include zinc, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C.

  1. Contains Omega 3

Omega 3 or fatty acids are good for our heart. It can cure atherosclerosis and high cholesterol. Moreover, these fatty acids can be used as skincare. Omega 3 fatty acids are fatty acids that cannot be produced by the human body itself. To meet the needs of essential fatty acids, humans must consume Omega 3 food. Black snapper also contains omega 3 which is very good for the body.

  1. Contains potassium

Black snapper produces potassium which is substances that can be used as minerals and electrolytes. This is needed by the body to remove the enzymes needed in energy. Can also support heart health. And as a muscle-forming food.

  1. Contains Vitamin A

Black snapper is proven to have Vitamin A which is very important for the immune system, bone maintenance as well as skin and eye health. Vitamin A or answers in herd and differentiation. Taking adequate amounts of Vitamin A every day can reduce the risk for eye or time-related cataracts or macular degeneration. Vitamin A is a nutrient that is used to be absorbed by the intestine.

  1. Relieve a chronic cough

A chronic cough is a severe cough. Throat chronic cough patients must be very sick. They need antibiotics to cure a cough so that the germs die, but must be prescribed by the doctor to take the antibiotics. In addition, black snapper can also relieve chronic coughs.

  1. Post-surgery recovery

Someone who has had a surgical operation requires intake for the healing process and recovery of the wound. This black snapper is an alternative for post-surgery patients and the cost is relatively affordable.

  1. Contains protein

The protein source of black snapper is placed in the brain. This protein is very possible for the health of the body, helps tighten muscles, and as a bodybuilding agent.

  1. Reduce the symptoms of paralysis

To ease the initial symptoms of paralysis, Black Snapper is able to reduce the symptom. But you must also use medical treatment and physiotherapy while consuming black snapper.

Tips to Consume Black Snapper

It is better for you to consume black snapper three times a week. You need to avoid the frying process so the amount of nutrition in this fish is still high.

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